At Custom Glaze, we can provide our incredible, high-quality windows with bespoke triple glazing for optimal thermal performance. Any of our windows can have this upgrade, letting you have total freedom to create the best style for your home without compromise. A window that is “double glazed” has two panes of glass that are separated by an extremely small gap of air that acts as an insulator. Double glazing is required in most modern builds, though some new standards require even better energy efficiency than a double glazing window can provide. Triple glazing is capable of providing even stronger efficiency due to its third pane with an additional air gap.

Whether you’re looking for a contemporary look with our aluminium windows or a heritage aesthetic via our Georgian style or leaded windows with Custom Glaze, you can receive the best service for your investment.

Incredible Energy Efficiency

As standard, all of our windows reach an  ‘A+’ energy rating, which means that they offer excellent thermal performance that can help your home save on energy costs. A triple glazed uPVC window can take this even further by maximising the glazing potential for heat retention. Compared to usual double glazing, which incorporates two panes of glass closely together, triple glazing has three panes of glass, separated by a few millimetres of air.

Triple glazed doors and windows keep in the heat, preventing it from escaping to the cold outdoors. By making your home more energy efficient, you can use less heating to stay warm year after year. A more efficient home can even help your carbon footprint. A double glazed window made from modern double glazing can offer excellent performance, but triple glazing goes that additional step to provide PVC windows that can reach the peak of energy retention and sound resistance.

Powerful Sound Insulation

Not only can a triple glazed window retain more heat than a single or even double glazed window, but it can also provide better sound resistance. Perfect for those that live within louder areas such as close to a train station or airport. As sound tries to pass through the layers of glazing, it becomes trapped and weaker with each pane. This can lead to a quieter interior while your windows and doors are closed or help to create less of a disturbance for nearby neighbours during parties or other loud events.  

Increased Security

While all of our windows and doors can offer great protection against intrusion and harsh weather conditions, triple glazing goes that one step further. Triple glazing is thicker compared to double or single glazing due to its third pane, which makes it much harder to break through. Plus, the three panes are slightly heavier, leading to even more robust materials such as hinges and sashes to maintain the weight. 

When combined with our multi-locking mechanisms and robust uPVC or aluminium options, your Milton Keynes home can remain safe and secure. Even during heavy rainfall or intense sunlight, the glazing can resist condensation thanks to cleverly designed trickle vents and the regulation of internal and external temperatures due to the middle pane of glazing. 

Triple Glazing Prices

If you’re in need of high-quality triple glazing to enhance your modern home, then use our free online quoting engine, or call us directly at 01908 650 140. Need to send us a photo, or don’t have time for a call? Use our free WhatsApp tool to speak with an expert right away. Visit our showroom to see our powerful triple glazed windows in action. We look forward to hearing from you.

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