Warm Roof Conservatory


Dear Custom Glaze,

I am totally thrilled with my new conservatory – although to call it a conservatory seems like a slight insult as it is really an extension with a lot of beautiful glass.  We removed an old conservatory which must have been built some time ago , the glass was cloudy and the room was freezing cold in winter and boiling hot in summer, it was probably only used a few weeks of the year when the temperature was just right.  We used to have French doors which separated the house from the old conservatory but Custom Glaze removed them and made the opening as large as possible allowing the new room to be open plan along with the kitchen and dining room.  The space this has created is amazing and has completely transformed our house downstairs.  I love being able to chat with everyone whilst I am busy in the kitchen.

Our new room affords lovely https://www.ncahcsp.org/buy-xanax-online/ views of the garden through the huge windows on the back gabled wall and both the bi-fold door and window on the sides, whilst additional light comes through two glass accents in the roof.  The huge glass panes in the back gabled wall give the room an almost church like quality, many people have commented on this.  The room itself is like a peaceful haven, such an enjoyable place to sit all year round with a stunning view of the garden and the sky to enjoy, it really does allow you to appreciate the outside whatever the weather.

The bi-fold doors open all the way along the length of the room and in summer the room becomes one with the patio which is brilliant for entertaining family and friends.  We chose aluminium frames in anthracite grey and I am so pleased we did as the look we have achieved from the garden is stunning.  The aluminium frames are thinner than UPVC which has maximised the size of the glass panes allowing for uninterrupted views of the outside world.  The use of colour has also given the extension a more modern feel which works so well as a contrast to the house.

One thing that has struck me about this extension is that even though we have retained so much glass the room has such a consistent temperature, we haven’t needed to put up any blinds or curtains to either keep the warm in during winter or the heat out in summer, it is just fantastic.

Kind regards,
Mr & Mrs F

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