This style of conservatory offers a versatile, eco-friendly, multi-functional living space. Tell us what you want, we’ll show you the power of a “L”, “P” or “T” and custom-design a living space that is perfect for you and your family.

Combination and “L”, “P” or “T”-shaped conservatories offer you more space and greater levels of flexibility. These styles create a space with two distinctive areas which can be used however you desire. For instance, you might choose to use one area for dining and the other for relaxing in, the choice and the flexibility is yours. In addition to the “L”, “P” or “T”-shape, combination conservatories can also be used to create “I” and “B” shapes, giving you the greatest freedom to create the space you long for.

All our conservatories are built with energy-efficiency in mind using the very latest uPVC and glazing technologies.

Unlike windows where keeping heat in is usually the priority, with conservatories, solar gain is normally undesirable so we usually fit units that stop heat passing in either direction. The sun’s heat stays out in summer while precious indoor heat stays in during winter.

Building work of any kind can be a daunting process. Custom Glaze is the hassle-free way to achieve the conservatory you want. We will manage your project and keep you informed at every stage, providing a seamless process from your original enquiry, through to final installation and certification.

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