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Total flexibility

We put you in control to ensure you get the perfect extension, conservatory, garden home or transformation that brings out the best in your home. We are proud to offer bespoke designs, giving you a stunning choice of windows, doors, and walls.

Five times faster completion

We are proud to install hup! quickly and efficiently thanks to its rapid connection technology. We can complete your new home transformation much earlier than it would take for a traditional build.

Five Times More Energy Efficient

hup! offers an outstanding level of energy efficiency for your new conservatory, garden home or extension. hup! helps you reduce your reliance on central heating or air conditioning, therefore cutting your energy bills over the long term while shrinking your carbon footprint.

Market leading quality

There’s no more need for bricklayers: with hup! our experienced team can make roof, wall and structural calculations in one easy hup! order. Choose us for a simple, streamlined process.

No fuss installation

We offer a dedicated team to construct your stunning new hup! transformation, garden home, extension, or conservatory. That means you get only the most qualified experts on site, without the worry of numerous contractors working on your home.

hup! technology explained

hup! utilises revolutionary technology to advance the construction process of home transformations. This makes the whole experience faster and more convenient for homeowners, who benefit from a high quality build that performs for decades. hup! is five times faster to construct and fives times more energy efficient – it’s the ideal home solution for new conservatories, garden homes, and extensions. Discover how hup! can transform your life.

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hup! Conservatory Transformations

The unique grey with cool tones matches homes with Anthracite Grey, black or white accoutrements.

hup! Extensions

Thanks to their state of the art manufacturing, hup! building system extensions are easy to build, exceeding the standard Building Regulations.

hup! Conservatories

If you’re installing a new conservatory, you won’t have to worry about labour intensive brickwork and can have 10m2 walls up within minutes.

hup! Garden Homes

A garden home is a perfect way to build another unit on the property for guests or family. Contact us today to learn more about garden homes.

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Ultimate Design Flexibility

The Hup! system can be used to build conservatory conversions, home extensions orangeries and conservatories all over Milton Keynes and surrounding areas.

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